Top 15 Ways Your IT Teams can Benefit from Smart Hands

What are Smart Hands and how might this service benefit IT hardware infrastructure team, network ops teams and any data center or EUC projects? Smart Hands provides onsite technical expertise and support for any server, data storage, networking, UPS or EUC hardware projects or requirements. Smart Hands offers the highest level of service using qualified, local, technical expertise matched to your standards and available globally 24x7x365. Smart Hands improves agility and provides a custom trained service team for a wide range of unique services.

How Do Most Companies Use Smart Hands?

  • Technical assistance to supplement your tech teams to allow for the timely completion of any server, storage, EUC, networking or UPS project.
  • Technical leadership for short-term projects which your staff are unable to address in the timeframe desired or required.
  • Tech visits to remote/branch offices to troubleshoot known issues or check on assets that are not call-home capable.
  • Assistance throughout the timely deployment of a new technology for which company executives have grown impatient (e.g., Cisco VoIP).
  • After consultation and agreement, deploy changes to hardware assets to meet objectives for efficiency, cost containment, greater security or resiliency.
  • After the purchase of pre-owned servers/storage, full installation until deemed fully operational by your staff.
  • OS installations, when proper authority is granted, on servers/storage along with patch updates installation, as per the agreed-upon project plan.
  • Network switch/router installs and full configuration.
  • Shutdown and move (or decommission) a single server/storage asset (or group of) to a new location onsite, across town, across the country.
  • Re-install assets deemed fully operational by your staff.

My “Top 15” Creative Ways Smart Hands Can Bring Value:

  1. Managing colocation equipment
  2. Automated maintenance (tech response without waiting for a ticket)
  3. Rack and stack services
  4. Complex cable configurations
  5. Remote server reboots
  6. Inventory of data center and EUC hardware
  7. Moving data center and EUC hardware
  8. Power-cycling data center and EUC hardware
  9. Onsite/offsite technical assistance, testing and troubleshooting of enterprise and EUC hardware
  10. Desktop Refresh Services
  11. Data Backups
  12. Printer troubleshooting and install services
  13. Shipping and receiving
  14. Packing and unpacking of hardware
  15. Same/Next day service availability (minimums per dispatch)

Notable Benefits of Using XSi SmartHands

  • Scheduled labor
  • Multi-Tier SLAs
  • On-demand technical expertise where project requirements are matched to necessary technical expertise
  • Available for data center/networking/End-User Compute environments
  • Globally-deployed technical expertise, with available TS (Top Secret) clearance when required
  • Same/Next day service availability; Minimum per dispatch
  • Optional add-on-services: IT Asset Disposition and Independent Hardware Maintenance for servers, data storage and network hardware

Learning More

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About The Author

David joined XSi in early 2021 as Director of Professional Services, leading the relaunch of several services, including Data Center Relocations, SmartHands and IT hardware IMAC (Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes). Prior to joining XSi, David’s depth of experience and career path included Curvature, SMS Systems Maintenance Services, Ciber Global and Data Center Solutions, in Phoenix. He’s professionally managed all types of data center and End-User Compute hardware transitions for both commercial enterprise IT, as well as for several security-sensitive federal agencies. He, with his wife and four children reside in Scottsdale, Arizona, and together enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, camping, visiting dunes and riding quads and target shooting. David also enjoys old car restoration, cooking and smoke-grilling.

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