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Discovering IT cost containment potential within clients’ IT infrastructure and network infrastructure hardware maintenance support models. Then, delivering custom solutions!

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Industry Leadership

Since the very earliest days of independent IT infrastructure support, XSi has been recognized as an industry pioneer and thought leader, especially with network infrastructure hardware. 2020 commemorates its 30th Anniversary! The company founder is a board member of the Service Industry Association and ASCDI, both of which engage with the independent IT support provider community to continually improve service standards, ensure member business ethics and provides ongoing member education within a continually evolving IT marketplace. Two members of the XSi executive team were founding members of the Right to Repair Coalition, while XSi’s founder continues to serve on its board of directors.

XSi has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal as a leading independent maintenance provider for network infrastructure hardware. Check out this article named, “Some CIOs Not Ready to Switch Networking Gear.”

As the market evolves and client requirements will change, XSi is known for being first-to-market with real-world solutions which it has developed in close collaboration with our clients. Be sure to check out this new service – XSi Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance!

Certifications & Compliance

XSi supports several of the most discerning and security-sensitive enterprise IT departments in the world – more specifically, the federal government.

  • XSi is ISO9001:2015 Certified and meets SAE AS5553 Standards (Counterfeit Electronic Parts Compliant)
  • NIST SP 800-171 Compliant
  • Member of GIDEP
  • DoD 5220.22-M Wiping Standard
  • GSA Schedule 70 SIN 132-12 valid through 9/3/2022
  • Cage Code: 0T5L0
  • Federal Prime Contractor since 1992
  • Trusted supplier to DoD (Audited by U.S. Navy) and all of the Top 10 Federal Systems Integrators
  • Also committed to OEM entitlement compliance. Be sure to check out XSi Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance!

Gartner Recognition

Since 2016, Gartner analysts have cited XSi (also known as XS International) in four publications about the independent hardware support industry and the IT infrastructure cost containment options possible for enterprise IT departments. If your organization has a Gartner subscription, XSi can provide you the publication name and Gartner ID so you can review these helpful advisory publications via your organization’s access credentials.

Gartner’s research/reporting of the adoption of independent hardware support (embracing a Hybrid Hardware Support model) by the world’s largest companies was especially useful. “Forecast Analysis: IT Services, Worldwide, 1Q17 Update” Gartner ID: G00327730

Systems & Ingenuity

XSi has custom-built several internal systems which represent forward-thinking features and client-focused benefits.

  • Automated Network Infrastructure Assessment to identify support potential, mitigate risk and quantify potential budgets savings – simply.
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB) which tracks all IT infrastructure assets’ critical data, entitlements, etc. The XSi CMDB, all its features and reporting, ought to be reviewed by everyone responsible for IT Hardware Asset Management (and ITAM leaders).
  • XSi AdvancedTAC SM is an expertly simplified incident reporting/tracking mechanism which interfaces with the XSi CMDB, as well as the XSi TAC team to drive priority technical support and the incident or asset detail essential to trends reporting and a level of business intelligence that’s just not provided by other independent network infrastructure hardware support providers.
Independent IT Infrastructure Hardware Maintenance (aka Third Party Maintenance) Thought Leadership

Industry Leadership

XSi holds several certifications to support the IT infrastructure or network infrastructure of federal government and commercial entities.

Certifications & Compliance

Third Party Maintenance for IT Infrastructure & Network Infrastructure – Recognized by Gartner

Gartner Recognition

When considering Hybrid Support models for your IT infrastructure of network infrastructure, ingenuity is key from vendors.

Systems & Ingenuity

Why XSI?

30 Years

  • XSi was founded and began supporting enterprise IT infrastructure hardware in 1990.
  • Cited as a “Disruptor” by Gartner among independent IT infrastructure hardware support providers.
  • Respected by peers and clients as a “Pioneer” in the development of client-focused service variations to address evolving market needs.

Highly Consultative

  • XSI believes great consultation begins with unmatched listening.
  • Committed to ongoing demonstrations of multi-directional education and learning – every day.
  • Each member of the XSi leadership team has 20+ years OEM experience or 20+ years in independent hardware support.
To maximize hardware support cost containment, independent hardware support providers must be highly consultative.

Independent Hardware Support can lead to cost-savings within IT operating expense budgets.

Technical Competence and Agility

Great independent IT infrastructure hardware support:

  • Requires much more than the awareness of 30 years of OEM hardware launches and subsequent End of Support.
  • Ivy League degrees create less value than in-depth, per product awareness within your environment’s platform families.
  • When independent hardware support can be deduced as optional, differentiation is possible only with leading-edge technical competence and a level of agility that exceeds client objectives.

Our Services

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IT Maintenance

Network infrastructure hardware, as well as data center servers and storage, need not always and only be under OEM support agreements. Remarkable cost savings are possible by choosing Hybrid Hardware Support models, where independent hardware support makes sense for assets deemed eligible. Additionally, End-of-Life (EoL) and End-of-Support (EoS) announcements need not be a corner lacking options. XSi has consulted on and been delivering independent hardware support since 1990.

Government Solutions

Driving significant cost savings is only one of the benefits of adopting a Hybrid Hardware Support model:

  • Extends the useful life of IT infrastructure hardware assets for as long as clients so choose.
  • Permit federal agencies to have support long beyond OEM announced EoS (no forced refresh).
  • Frees up budget dollars for cloud transitions or other initiatives deemed important to the client.
  • Improves IT Asset Management practices, which in turn positively impact: renewals, CapEx purchases and compliance prior to OEM audits.
  • Often helps consolidate and simplify vendor count.

XS International is ISO9001:2015 Certified for Product Resale, meets SAE AS5553 Standards, Cage Code: 0T5L0, currently supports 42 federal agencies and all of the Top 10 Federal Systems Integrators.

Specialty Services

XSi provides several independent hardware support services, which include SmartHands, IMAC (Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes), IT Asset Disposal in LATAM and an exciting new service called Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance (for network infrastructure hardware), guiding clients toward greater and more efficient cost containment, along with 100% assurance for entitlement compliance.

Channel Opportunities

Developing new channel relationships can help IT infrastructure and hardware support providers expand one another’s support offerings or geographic coverage, as well as the value from the depth of the partnerships we can create with existing clients. At this time, XSi has greatest interest in furthering ITAD opportunities in Latin America, networking support in Europe and onsite technical support (backed by Level 3 or 4 technical expertise) for servers and storage in North America.

Our Customers

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