XSi’s Q1-2021 Server & Storage Hardware “Milestone Dates” Alert: EoL & EoSL

If you’re not yet monitoring enterprise Hardware Milestone dates, this ALERT provides a summary of popular server and storage hardware models that have recently – or about to reach – End of Software Support (EoSW) and End of Support (EoS). For these models, it no longer makes financial sense to rely on expensive OEM support – but instead, assets should be moved to lower-cost, independent IT Hardware Maintenance. Assets past milestone dates often see OpEx reductions of 60-80% less than OEM pricing. Of course when OEMs push for the tech refresh, savings can be much higher! Be sure to follow our company profile at LinkedIn to never again miss these quarterly announcements.

Server & Storage Hardware Milestone Dates – Last Quarter & Next 12 Months
(End-of-Life Announcement dates and Last Date-of-Support)



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About The Author

Todd founded XS International in 1990, helping to build an independent IT support organization led by pioneering executives with proven tenures at Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. He holds a board of director positions with the world’s two most prominent associations for independent IT support providers – Service Industry Association (SIA) and ASCDI (hardware resellers). He was a founding member of the Digital Right to Repair Coalition (now known as Repair.org, and continues to serve on their Board of Directors. Very much a serial entrepreneur, Todd earned his Bachelor’s in Finance from Ohio State University and later completed a three-year Entrepreneurial Masters Program, given by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization & MIT Enterprise Forum. He now resides in the greater Dallas area with his family.

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