Partnership Opportunities for IT Service Providers & VARs

Founded in 1990, XSi helps IT Service Providers deploy an EoS/EoL hardware maintenance support model to extend the useful life of aging hardware assets and to save important hardware operating expense budget dollars.

If your company provides data center or networking IT services, adding hardware infrastructure maintenance and hardware lifecycle support services can establish an impressive revenue stream. It can make great sense, especially if your sales rep teams are already talking to data center hardware infrastructure/operations staff, networking leaders, IT procurement leadership or even the CIO. Your established relationships with these targets can permit XSi to help you build and rapidly grow new recurring revenue streams, furthering your great relationships with a proven hardware support model (for post-warranty, EoL, EoS, EoSW), permitting your clients to extend the useful life of hardware and wisely contain important OpEx budgets. XSi also provides several IT Lifecycle Professional Services: Data Center Relocations, XSi SmartHands and R2v3 certified IT Asset Disposition throughout North America, EMEA, LATAM and APAC regions.

Creating Tangible Benefits for Your Clients

XSi provides hardware support options for networking hardware, servers and data storage assets. Driving significant cost savings is only one of the benefits of adopting a Hybrid Hardware Support model:

  • Extends the useful life of hardware assets for as long as clients so choose.
  • Permit clients to have support long beyond OEM announced EoS.
  • Frees up budget dollars for cloud transitions or other initiatives deemed important to the client.
  • Improves IT Asset Management practices, which in turn positively impact: renewals, CapEx purchases and compliance prior to OEM audits.
  • Often helps consolidate and simplify vendor count.

XSi is R2v3 Certified and also ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018 Certified. XSi meets SAE AS5553 Standards, currently supports 42 federal agencies and all of the Top 10 Federal Systems Integrators.

Having provided independent hardware maintenance since 1990, XSi has the experience and wisdom to deeply respect YOUR relationships with YOUR clients. For example:

  • Hardware support agreements can be on your paper or ours.
  • XSi can provide direct training to your sales team or your sales team can simply rely on our Subject Matter Experts for support throughout any client engagements.
  • Incident management and escalations can be managed through your infrastructure or ours.
  • XSi marketing leadership is even willing to provide strategic guidance directly to your marketing teams.

XSi respects YOUR choices and is committed to simplify a new service deployment to YOUR clients. Let’s talk!

Focused on EoS & EoL Hardware Solutions

EoL Network IT Maintenance

  • Cisco switches, routers, access points, security products
  • Juniper (EoL, EoS) switches & network access points
  • Riverbed (EoL, EoS) – almost all models
  • Extreme (EoL, EoS) switches & network access points
  • F5 Networks (EoL, EoS)  – almost all models
  • Brocade (EoL, EoS)  switches & network access points

Need support for other OEMs? Just ask. 

EoL Server IT Maintenance

  • Cisco (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • SGI – all models
  • Dell (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • HPE (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • IBM (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • Lenovo (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • Oracle/Sun (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models

Need support for other OEMs? Just ask. 

EoL Data Storage IT Maintenance

  • Dell/EMC (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • Oracle/Sun/STK (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • NetApp (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • HPE (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • IBM (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models
  • Hitachi Data Systems (post-warranty, EoL, EOS) – all models

Need support for other OEMs? Just ask.

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