Top 10 Reasons Federal Agencies Should Consider XSi to Reduce IT Hardware OpEx

As an IT decision-maker at a US federal agency, you may or may not be familiar with XSi or the value it offers your IT team and your hardware Operating Expense budgets. Quite simply, we are an enterprise IT hardware maintenance alternative to the OEM, independent, but able to provide a multitude of financial and operational benefits for your post-warranty hardware assets. XSi helps federal agencies, both civilian and DOD, and federal Systems Integrators deploy a hybrid hardware support model to save important budget dollars, often permitting those funds to be used for unplanned IT mandates (i.e. cloud mandates).

How much you can save is directly related to the percentage of your post-warranty hardware; however, readers can find answers to related questions within this recent blog: Reliably Forecasting the Savings Potential from a Hybrid Hardware Maintenance Model.

Since 42 federal agencies are already using XSi, I decided to build you a “Top 10” list of reasons why our federal clients chose XSi and why several of them have been clients for more than ten years! Here it is:

  1. Extend Hardware Lifecycles – XSi enables the ongoing support of important legacy hardware. We permit agencies to receive support long beyond OEM announced EoS dates allowing you to keep hardware running as long as you choose. As a matter of fact, we’ll often thrive with your oldest or most burdensome hardware.
  2. Customized SLAs – XSi works with agencies to develop custom service level options. We go beyond the cookie-cutter service models offered by OEMs to develop a support model catered to your specific needs per your system environment, mission criticality and facility requirements.
  3. Custom Period of Performance Terms – XSi is able to support hardware assets for custom period of performance terms to accommodate current agency initiatives. Whether it is a cloud migration project, an upcoming hardware refresh or another project requiring a shorter or longer than typical support term, XSi can support that system until your initiative is accomplished. No problem!
  4. Dedicated Service Delivery Team – XSi has a dedicated service delivery team that provides focused and agile support, which is typically not seen with large OEM service teams. With incident response times averaging 5 minutes or less, continued and consistent communication throughout incident support cases and CSAT scores consistently exceeding 98%, it is clear to see the difference in service quality and attention received from XSi.
  5. Worldwide Support Network – XSi has over 600 forward-stocking locations around the world and a team of over 1,200 OEM-certified engineers ready to provide support when and where it is needed. TS-cleared engineers can also be provided for sites or systems requiring a security clearance.
  6. Federal Credibility – We have built a seamless service model, with critical certifications to prove it. XSi is ISO9001:2015 Certified and meets SAE AS5553 Standards. We are weeks away from receiving additional certifications for process logic and security. To date, we serve 42 federal agencies and all of the Top 10 Systems Integrators.
  7. OpEx Cost Reductions – XSi hardware maintenance is focused on post-warranty hardware to proactively reduce Operating Expense budgets. Agencies typically see 50-80% savings in annual maintenance costs for their post-warranty (or EoL or EoS) hardware assets. This reduction in OpEx spending frees up budget dollars for cloud transitions or other initiatives in need of funding.
  8. Hardware Asset Management Best Practices – XSi services help facilitate ongoing best practices in Hardware Asset Management. XSi’s proprietary Configuration Management Database (CMDB) allows clients to actively track critical hardware milestone dates (e.g. End-of-Life, End-of-Software-Maintenance, End-of-Support) to provide proactive business intelligence, which in turn helps with timely IT procurement decisions long into the future.
  9. Vendor Consolidation – Working with an independent, multi-vendor expert can help consolidate vendors and simplify billing with co-termed agreements. We’ll save you time and effort.
  10. 100% Entitlement Compliance for Cisco – With a service offering unique to XSi, we can ensure 100% entitlement compliance for Cisco support and maximize SMARTnet savings through a self-sparing model. Check out the XSi Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance

About The Author

Clayton joined XSi in 2019, bringing with him a remarkable understanding of the federal civilian and DOD marketplace, as well as the program development process of several of this country’s leading Systems Integrators. In his position with XSi, Clayton manages all federal contract vehicle opportunities and a close-knit channel relationship with industry leading federal distributor Carahsoft Technology. Prior to joining XSi, Clayton held the position of Account Manager at Akira Technologies, focusing on IT solutions for DOJ and several DOD agencies. He is a magna cum laude graduate of The George Washington University, where he earned degrees in both mathematics and statistics. Clayton currently resides in Pittsburgh, where he enjoys local pro sports, backpacking, hiking, disc golf, pencil drawing, mystery novels and the music scene.

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