Heartfelt Thank You Message from Todd & Doug at XSi

Most certainly, 2020 was a remarkable year with all we’ve experienced together! From the pandemic to a concerning stagnancy for so many in small business. The inability to travel and meet clients in-person, leading to endless Zoom meetings.… Despite the hurdles of 2020, we both still believe there is much to be thankful for as we reflect upon the last 12 months. And, reasons for optimism in 2021!

Our 30th Anniversary!

That’s right, XSi turned 30 years old this past month. The two of us only wish we were still 30! But, we’re grateful for this important milestone and the support of so many that have contributed to all we’ve been able to accomplish together.

Renewed Interest in Hybrid Hardware Maintenance!

While financial performance has caused many in IT infrastructure leadership to postpone planned hardware refreshes, many have also chosen to adopt a Hybrid Hardware Maintenance model to further impact IT budgets. We’ve been amazed and grateful for all the inquiries, all the new RFPs and the contract renewals from a deeply loyal client base. We’ve been especially appreciative of those that have approached us with a challenge – a puzzle to be solved. Being able to exercise one’s creativity does wonders to help one remain optimistic throughout times of trouble. Thank you!!!

Subject Matter Expertise Added to XSi Staff

2020 has been a year of investing in talented personnel who could help our clients receive a greater level of service quality – at a fair price. But, we’ve been incredibly lucky to find and bring aboard folks not only with talents, but with great heart and driven to serve. Each new member of the XSi team has exceeded our expectations in every possible way. We’re so thankful that each of you is a part of this growing XSi family.

Launching a Unique Cisco Maintenance Service (not offered by other independent providers)

Technically, we launched our new service, XSi’s Cisco Lifecycle & Asset Assurance, in late 2019. But, interest for this new service took-off in 2020. In response to Cisco’s 2017 EULA change toward entitlements, our team of creative experts “built a better mousetrap” to provide a cost-reducing support model. We’re grateful to those that built this service, continue to manage client details and to all that have engaged us in 2020 to better understand its value for their organization.

Incredible Support from Vendors & Partners

From launching an enhanced brand image to the pursuit of new quality (ISO, R2, etc.) certifications, or the commitment to selling our service suite (e.g. Carahsoft), this last year holds so many reasons for gratitude and continued optimism. From a remarkable new employee benefits system to all vendors or subcontractors that have helped us earn impressive Client Satisfaction scores – we are grateful. From new ITAD clients in Latin America to the many Prime Contractors now including us in their programs, we are deeply honored. There are so many to thank, you’ve made us both feel like a couple of Oscar winners – long-winded Oscar winners.

Thank you so much! Our best wishes to you for a prosperous and peaceful 2021!

Todd Bone, XSi Founder & President and Doug Krueger, XSi CEO

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