EMC Isilon (ETAs) Engineering Technical Advisories: A Helpful Resource for EMC Storage Admins & Supervisors

Having been an admin in the storage industry for many years, I’ve always paid close attention to the ETAs (Engineering Technical Advisories) provided by the OEMs and seen first-hand how this provided information can save a client environment from catastrophe and/or seriously uncomfortable outages. As readers likely already know, these alerts are sent as emails by the OEM and sent to those most able to follow and deploy the recommendation.

As a storage administrator, you don’t want to miss any of these. As the supervisor for a team of admins, your familiarity with the ETAs’ contents can also be beneficial to the success of your team. Yet, in 2021 we all get so many emails that it can be difficult to manage the firehose of information too often hitting your InBoxes. This EMC Isilon “Tech Tip” has been created to simplify your access to Dell EMC ETAs, in case your email InBox is difficult to manage, you’re not getting these ETAs (but should) or, as a manager, you want a cursory view so you can check status of any advisory with members of your team.

At the Dell website, here are two resources worthy of bookmarking. Once bookmarked, you could schedule yourself a regular, recurring review to ensure no advisories slip past you.

  1. Dell EMC KnowledgeBase & Patch Release Notes
    These are a mixture of KBs (Knowledge Base) and patch release notes, often sent as emails and specifically for code levels used in the environment. Alerts are often sent directly when logging ino to your environment.

    Location to Bookmark: http://www.dell.com/support/search/en-us#sort=relevancy&f:iuxType=[Knowledgebase]&f:langFacet=[en]
    Go to this Dell page and type in (or include the model): Isilon.

    Dell EMC Isilon Top Service Topics
    This document contains the list of Top Services Topics for Isilon, identified by DELL EMC Support as the most Trending Topics for the month of April 2020.
  1. Dell EMC ETA General Search
    This tool can be use for general searches or can be useful if/when users have the specific ETA # they’re seeking. In my screen grab below, I easily found 1,846 ETAs, which I can sort by relevancy or date.

    Location to Bookmark: https://www.dell.com/support/search/en-us#q=ETA&first=50&sort=relevancy&numberOfResults=50&f:langFacet=[en]

These DELL EMC Isilon ETAs are very informative, mainly because they point out a problem that the Users have already experienced and can impact a wide variety of Isilon clients across storage platforms.

Make sure any critical/applicable announcements are known to upper management and the key stakeholders in your company. These can range from low impact to CRITICAL (and I’ve seen missed ETAs completely bring a storage array to it’s knees). At the same time bringing attention to areas where you keep your environment healthy and functional is one of the most important attributes of a valued storage administrator.

About The Author

David joined XSi to help further its reputation for expertise in hybrid hardware maintenance for enterprise data storage. David brings significant depth of experience in EMC Symmetrix, VNX and Isilon systems, but has cross-training in other storage platforms over an impressive 20+ year career. Prior to his technical career, David served our country in the US Army (31Lima COMMS). As a storage technical expert, he’s held various engineering and client service tech roles at EMC, Wells Fargo, Lowe’s Companies, McKesson (SAN Admin, Level 5), LPL Financial, as well as a Level 3 storage engineer at Ardent Support Technologies (a 3rd Party Maintenance provider, like XSi), up until Ardent’s acquisition by Park Place Technologies. Following Ardent, he provided storage hardware leadership at Blue Cross Blue Shield and London Stock Exchange Group. In addition to Level 2/3 technical expertise, David is skilled in storage administration on multiple OEM platforms (HDS, IBM, EMC and Infinidat). David, with his wife of 30 years, and their nine children reside in Waxhaw, North Carolina. In his spare time, he enjoys collegiate baseball (including coaching), disc golf with his kids, movies/movie quotes, skiing, bicycling and motorcycles. His favorite baseball park is Fenway, cheering for the Boston Red Sox.

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