SGI UV 20 & UV 2000 Headed End-of-Life in Next Two Years: XSi Can Help

XSi has been a renowned independent expert in SGI (Silicon Graphics) hardware nearly dating back to our origins in 1990. We’ve been providing the marketplace refurbished systems/parts, SGI hardware maintenance (extending lifecycles past warranty at lower price points) and take-outs – or proper IT Asset Disposition.

Our team of dedicated SGI product experts is learning that SGI UV 20 and SGI UV 2000 products will reach End-of-Support-Life (EoSL) status starting now and concluding within the next two years or sooner. If you’ve not yet already caught wind of this news, you might find the following options rather helpful:

  1. If you plan to upgrade: XSi can help facilitate decommission with proper IT Asset Disposition (XSi is R2v3 certified), but will likely buy your UV 20 or UV 2000 systems for use within its own hardware maintenance business, maximizing the take-out value for your organization. If you plan to upgrade, we can help you source an appropriate refurbished solution and provide onsite server installation, as you may require.
  2. If you choose to run these SGI UV servers longer: XSi can move your SGI servers onto a support agreement for 60-80% lower than HPE list price. We’re one of the only independent support providers offering SGI maintenance expertise and have the client references needed to validate our support model.
  3. If you aren’t yet sure: I’d welcome your call to discuss how you’re using these servers, discuss workload/capacity requirements and help you balance these with future planned initiatives.

As of this publishing date, I’m very interested in accessing take-outs or any parts stock you may have acquired if you’ve been self-maintaining. I truly welcome your connections or you may contact me directly for any needed guidance, information or assistance:

Russ Watson
Mobile: 770-639-1234 (appreciate a text first, so I don’t assume ‘robocaller’)

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About The Author

Russ joined XS International (XSi) in April 1993, very near to the company’s origin in 1990. A graduate of Georgia State University, Russ has held technical/engineering positions as wells as sales and account management positions within the company. In his past, he’s run the Technical Assistance Center for SGI, HP, IBM and Sun Microsystems products. He’s managed global technical support for UNIX systems, including: SGI, Sun Microsystems and Concurrent/Masscomp. He’s been SGI and HP product manager, as well as leading the development of partnerships with all of the Top 10 federal Systems Integrators (prime contractors) and several federal agencies. Russ and his family reside in Alpharetta, Georgia. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking, photography, travel, cooking, green tech and crypto trends.

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