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Contracting Officers: Solving the Most Burdensome EoL Hardware Support

As a Contractinging Officer at a federal agency, you’ve likely run into procurement instances when data center hardware or IT networking equipment still being used has become a tremendous problem – even a “pain in the backside.” Absolutely, we can help!

XSi understands that many federal agencies often own older, legacy hardware past EoL, EoS, or so long past those dates that the burden of finding parts or technical support can be overwhelming. Yet, government mandates requiring hardware maintenance support coverage can also be problematic unless you’ve found the proper support partner. Mandate details are:

We’d like you to think of XSi as a 30-year-federal-expert, provider of EoL hardware support solutions.

  • You can procure our services through most government contract vehicles including GSA, SEWP, CIO-CS, NETCENTs etc.

Please visit our website and bookmark You may contact our federal team at 800.256.6133 to ask any questions you like. Ask for Doug or Clayton – we’re here to help!

About The Author

Based in the  Washington D.C. area, Doug joined XS International in 2014 as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to XSi, Doug served in leadership roles at, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Blue Coat Systems, Fortress Technologies (acquired by General Dynamics) and Tumbleweed Communications (acquired by Axway, Inc.). Past leadership roles included both sales and operational responsibilities, thereby establishing his skillset as a client-driven chief executive for XSi. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, then completed coursework toward a Master’s (Finance & Accounting) at Oklahoma City University. He enjoys distance running, golf, and cheering for Wisconsin sports teams with his wife, Mayra and four children.

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