Facing Coronavirus Realities: IT Resiliency & Market Readiness Enabled by “Right to Repair” Logic

Despite the mixed messages circulating throughout the media (and from our politicians), most would now agree that the threat of Coronavirus has become real and the depth of the threat is concerning.

It’s obvious to almost everyone that readiness is imperative and we’re hearing stories every hour about large companies now running network preparation tests for remote workers – even universities proactively choosing online classes for all students. It’s amazing to see the ingenuity and agility of American and global business people.

How about Information Technology? How ready are we? What obstacles remain that could or should be quickly tackled?

I implore you to read this recent Wired article, written by my friend and industry peer, Kyle Wiens:

The Right to Repair Will Help Us Endure Outbreaks
As the coronavirus disrupts the global supply chain, the ability to fix our stuff is key to our resilience

If you’re willing to help drive Right to Repair legislation in this country, the states that are most likely to take action in the next few weeks are:

–        Maryland
–        Missouri
–        Pennsylvania
–        Colorado
–        Minnesota
–        Idaho
–        Alaska
–        Alabama
–        Louisiana
–        Illinois
–        New Jersey
–        All Other States

I’m told that the BEST thing business owners (or IT professionals) can do is to personally meet with their legislators in their District (home) office and ask them to help drive Right to Repair, as constituents. They really do want to hear from their constituents! However, if you’re not a business owner (or IT professional), find the state of your residence in the list above, click the link and follow the instructions to inform your specific legislators of your support for “Right to Repair” legislation. These links and corresponding instructions make it very easy!

Thank you!

About The Author

Todd founded XS International in 1990, helping to build an independent IT support organization led by pioneering executives with proven tenures at Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks. He holds a board of director positions with the world’s two most prominent associations for independent IT support providers – Service Industry Association (SIA) and ASCDI (hardware resellers). He was a founding member of the Digital Right to Repair Coalition (now known as Repair.org, and continues to serve on their Board of Directors. As a hobby, he also co-founded VinoApp, specifically for Argentine wines. Very much a serial entrepreneur, Todd earned his Bachelor’s in Finance from Ohio State University and later completed a three-year Entrepreneurial Masters Program, given by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization & MIT Enterprise Forum. He now resides in the greater Dallas area with his family.

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