XSi Value to Program Management at Federal Prime Contractors

As program managers seek to enhance any IT program for federal agency clients, you have likely heard these clients often have significant pain points associated with older hardware assets. If you’ve not deeply considered this segment of your client’s infrastructure, we can introduce to you a proven solution to enhance the perceived value of your program.

Why is older, (often past OEM-announced End-of-Life) legacy hardware a pain point? It often costs much more to buy hardware maintenance from the OEM than new hardware. Also, parts sparing is not only time-consuming, it can be dangerous if agency staff inadvertently buys counterfeit spare parts. Consider this: In the federal government, 40-50% of their hardware infrastructure is past warranty expirations and as much as 25% of their infrastructure can be past End-of-Life announcements and a real burden to the agency staff and their thin budgets. Yet, we believe these federal agencies should be able to keep and operate their hardware for as long as they choose and our solutions are focused on this premise.

XSi helps enhance federal programs for each of the Top 10 Prime Contractors and currently supports older hardware at 42 federal agencies. Click Here to download our federal government brochure.

Primary Benefits to Prime Contractors:

  • Reduce the complexity of maintaining many maintenance contracts with installed GFE and contractor owned hardware assets.
  • Differentiate your proposals with XSi’s competitive differentiated maintenance service to lower customer cost and efficiencies.
  • Differentiate your proposals with support services for legacy hardware and technology.
  • Confidence in your proposal that you can tackle the most complex hardware support environments.
  • Provide your bids and customers with additional lifecycle management services which can reduce OpEx spend and delivery efficiencies.

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About The Author

Based in the  Washington D.C. area, Doug joined XS International in 2014 as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to XSi, Doug served in leadership roles at, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Blue Coat Systems, Fortress Technologies (acquired by General Dynamics) and Tumbleweed Communications (acquired by Axway, Inc.). Past leadership roles included both sales and operational responsibilities, thereby establishing his skillset as a client-driven chief executive for XSi. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, then completed coursework toward a Master’s (Finance & Accounting) at Oklahoma City University. He enjoys distance running, golf, and cheering for Wisconsin sports teams with his wife, Mayra and four children.

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