An Ingenious Way to Drive Healthcare IT Costs Downward

Our research has shown that greater than 50% of healthcare IT decision-makers aren’t aware of the following very simple points and how each ties together to impact IT budgets:

  1. Hardware Capital Expenses can easily be postponed to make funding available for other business drivers deemed important.
  2. Extending the useful life of data center or networking hardware is now quite commonplace (specific data sources referenced within white papers referenced below).
  3. An independent hardware support provider (like XSi) can easily maintain networking hardware, servers and storage assets and do so for 60-80% less than OEM costs.
  4. Hardware eligibility for independent maintenance is key! Managing “milestone dates” is integral to cost reductions (ITAM teams should be doing). “Milestones” dates include: End of Software Support, End of Support, End of Life – even warranty expiration dates for servers and data storage can establish eligibility for independent maintenance. XSi has a proprietary CMDB that can manage this data for you.
  5. For those healthcare organizations committed to extending hardware lifecycles, and have at least 20% of their environment at post-warranty or older, their Total Annual Hardware Operating Expense (OpEx for all owned hardware) can be reduced by 20-22%.

If this is all new to you, I’m going to make two very informative white papers immediately available here. No need to complete any form, just click and begin reading!

Alternatively, if these concepts aren’t new, but you’d like to learn more about XSi’s support for healthcare organizations like yours, Click Here to download our overview brochure.

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About The Author

Rob manages the XSi relationship with Premier, its network of hospital members, and the healthcare vertical for XSi. He joined the company in 1991 in a sales development position, specializing in IT maintenance for networking, server and data storage hardware assets. In addition, he developed expertise in hardware reselling (pre-owned systems and parts) and IT asset disposition, as well as government contracts and GSA schedules. Prior to XSi, Rob worked in logistics for UPS and was also a sales executive for Marcom Telecommunications. He earned a B.S. degree from Ohio State University, with an emphasis in Production & Operations Management, from the Max M. Fisher College of Business. Rob resides with his family in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. In his spare time, Rob enjoys golf and fishing.

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