XSi Quarterly Alert – 4th Quarter 2020: EoL, EoSW & EoS/LDoS – Popular OEM Models to be Managing

If you’re not yet monitoring enterprise Hardware Lifecycle Milestone dates, this ALERT provides a quick-glance review of popular OEM models that have reached (or about to reach) End of Software Support (EoSW), End of Support (EoS) and/or Last Date of Support (LDoS. For these enterprise networking, server and storage hardware asset models, it no longer makes financial sense to rely on expensive OEM support – but instead, should move to less costly, independent (IT Maintenance) hardware support.

The important “hardware milestone dates” help you easily identify when there are no remaining logical reasons to keep these assets within an OEM maintenance agreement. There is simply no way to justify the added expense. Assets past such key milestone dates often witness reductions of 60-80% less than OEM pricing. Of course when the OEM is pressing for the tech refresh, savings can be much higher! We will share this kind of alert quarterly via our blogs, so be sure to follow XSi at LinkedIn to regularly find this and other helpful information from our Subject Matter Experts.

Approaching Hardware Milestone Dates

(End-of-Life, End-of-Software-Maintenance, End-of-Life or Last-Day-of-Support) in Q4, 2020 or Q1 or Q2, 2021

Cisco Access Points AIR-3602E
Cisco Access Points AIR-CAP3501
Cisco Access Points AIR-CAP3502
Cisco Catalyst 2960S Switches
Cisco Catalyst 3560V2 Switches
Cisco ISR Routers ISR G2 CISCO2901
Cisco ISR Routers ISR G2 CISCO2911
Cisco ISR Routers ISR G2 CISCO2921
Cisco ISR Routers ISR G2 CISCO2951
Cisco ISR Routers ISR G2 CISCO3925
Cisco ISR Routers ISR G2 CISCO3945
Cisco MDS MDS 9148 Switches
Cisco Nexus 3064-E  Switches
Cisco Router Cisco 819
Cisco Router Cisco ASR1001
Cisco Router Cisco ASR1002
Cisco Router Cisco ASR1004
Cisco Router Cisco ASR1006
Cisco Telepresence C40 Codec
Cisco TelePresence C60 Unit Codec
Cisco TelePresence MX200 Gen 2
Cisco TelePresence SX20 Cisco Telepresence
Cisco UCS B22 M3 Blade Server
Cisco UCS B230 M2 Blade Servers
Cisco UCS B440 M2 Blade Servers
Cisco UCS C22 M3 Server
Cisco VG VG224 Voice Gateway
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 10050s (D113)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 10000s (D113)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 10200v (D113)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 10250v (D113)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 11000 FIPS (E101)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 11050 FIPS (E102)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 2000s (C112)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 2200s (C112)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 4000s (C113)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 4200v (C113)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 5000s (C109)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 5050s (C109)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 5200v (C109)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 5250v (C109)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 7000s (D110)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 7050s (D110)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 7200v (D110)
F5 BIG-IP Platforms 7250v (D110)
Juniper E Series E320
Juniper EX Series EX4500
Juniper EX Series EX4500
Juniper EX Series EX6200
Juniper EX Series EX8200
Juniper EX Series EX9200
Juniper MX MX480
Juniper MX MX960
Juniper Netscreen ISG-1000
Juniper Netscreen ISG-2000
Juniper Netscreen NS-5200
Juniper Netscreen NS-5400
Juniper Netscreen SSG-140
Juniper Netscreen SSG-320M
Juniper Netscreen SSG-350M
Juniper Netscreen SSG-520M
Juniper Netscreen SSG-550M
Juniper QFX Series QFX3500
Juniper QFX Series QFX3600
Juniper QFX Series QFXC08
Juniper SRX Series SRX210
Juniper SRX Series SRX220
Juniper SRX Series SRX240
Juniper T Series T1600
Juniper T Series T640
Riverbed Interceptor Interceptor 9350
Riverbed Steelfusion EXA 1360
Riverbed SteelHead EX 1160
Riverbed SteelHead EX 1260
Riverbed SteelHead EX 560
Riverbed SteelHead EX 760
Lenovo / IBM BladeCenter HC10
Lenovo / IBM BladeCenter HS20
Lenovo / IBM BladeCenter HS21
Lenovo / IBM BladeCenter HS23
Lenovo / IBM Flex x240 Compute Node
Lenovo / IBM System x3350
Lenovo / IBM System x3105
Lenovo / IBM System x3200 M2
Lenovo / IBM System x3200 M3
Lenovo / IBM System x3250 M3
Lenovo / IBM System x3250 M4
Lenovo / IBM System x3250 M5
Lenovo / IBM System x3300 M4
Lenovo / IBM System x3350
Lenovo / IBM System x3400 M3
Lenovo / IBM System x3500
Lenovo / IBM System x3530 M4
Lenovo / IBM System x3550
Lenovo / IBM System x3550 M3
Lenovo / IBM System x3550 M4
Lenovo / IBM System x3620 M3
Lenovo / IBM System x3630 M3
Lenovo / IBM System x3650
Lenovo / IBM System x3650 M4
Lenovo / IBM System x3750 M4
Lenovo / IBM System x3850 M2
Lenovo / IBM System x3950 M2
Lenovo / IBM x440 (Flex)
HPE ProLiant Blade BL460c G8
HPE ProLiant DL360 G8
HPE – SGI SGI UV 10/1000
HPE – SGI SGI UV 200/2000
HPE – SGI SGI UV 300/3000
IBM System Storage DS8870
HPE – 3PAR StoreServ 7200 Storage
HPE – 3PAR StoreServ 7400 Storage
HPE – 3PAR StoreServ 7440c Storage
HPE – 3PAR StoreServ 7450 Storage
HPE D2600 Disk Enclosure
HPE D2700 Disk Enclosure
HPE StoreEasy 1440 Storage
HPE StoreEasy 1640 Storage
HPE StoreEasy 1840 Storage
HPE StoreOnce 6500
HPE XP P9500 Disk Array
EMC – Data Domain DD990 Appliance
EMC – Isilon NL400
EMC – Isilon X200
EMC – VNX1 VNX5100
EMC – VNX1 VNX5150
EMC – VNX1 VNX5300
EMC – VNX2 VNX-F5000
EMC – VNX2 VNX-F7000
EMC – VNXe1 VNXe3150
EMC – VNXe1 VNXe3300
NetApp FAS2220
NetApp FAS2240-2
NetApp FAS2240-4
NetApp E5412
NetApp E5460
NetApp EF540
HDS 520H B2
HDS 520X B1
HDS NAS Platform HNAS 3080 G1
HDS NAS Platform HNAS 3080 G2
HDS NAS Platform HNAS 3090 G1
HDS NAS Platform HNAS 3090 G2

Recently Past Hardware Milestone Dates

(End-of-Life, End-of-Software-Maintenance, End-of-Life or Last-Day-of-Support) in Q3, 2020

Networking Hardware to Address

Cisco Catalyst Cisco Blade Switch 3120G
Cisco Catalyst Cisco Blade Switch 3130
Cisco Catalyst Cisco Switch Module 3012
Cisco Catalyst Cisco Switch Module 3110
Cisco Catalyst VS-S720 Virtual Supervisors
Cisco Nexus 5548P 1RU Chassis
Riverbed SteelHead CX 1555
Riverbed SteelHead CX 5055

Server Hardware to Address


Storage Hardware to Address


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