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Risking a possible “over-statement,” I’m sincerely driven to convey the following: On behalf of everyone at XSi, we are all so incredibly indebted to all those providers in healthcare that have sacrificed so very much these past months. This depth of courage and heroism is nothing short of “awe-inspiring.” We are all incredibly grateful! When this dust settles, I hope our congress can find the means to establish a congressional medal for every working provider that has sacrificed for the American public.

On to the purpose of this informational blog:

If you’re now hearing that IT budgets MUST be contained to accommodate greater healthcare business drivers, XSi helps identify hardware assets that are eligible for lower-cost independent hardware maintenance. As a Premier-contracted provider, healthcare clients are promised no less than a 60% cost reduction from OEM pricing. However, the savings more often run 70-80% off what you are currently paying the OEM.

It all starts with a review of your hardware assets and determining what is and what is not eligible – obviously, assets still under warranty should stay under OEM support. Because Gartner has reported that the average data center has 20-23% post-warranty hardware, most in healthcare IT are perfectly poised to discover tremendous savings and drive down operational expense considerably.

Healthcare IT Solutions: Hybrid Hardware Maintenance

This term refers to when in-warranty data center or networking hardware are maintained by the OEM, during the warranty period. But, all or a portion of your post-warranty hardware assets are maintained by an independent hardware support provider (also known as Third Party Maintenance). Quite often, for networking hardware, warranty status does not limit the hardware owner from choosing a Third Party Maintenance provider for network maintenance. But the maintenance provider must help the hardware owner balance significant cost savings with risk mitigation – not as overwhelming a task as it may first sound. XSi provides a comprehensive and informative assessment that’s quite easy to deploy.

 Here’s a past blog that might further your interest: Healthcare IT: Discovering Gold within the Independent IT Support Community

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About The Author

Rob manages the XSi relationship with Premier, its network of hospital members, and the healthcare vertical for XSi. He joined the company in 1991 in a sales development position, specializing in IT maintenance for networking, server and data storage hardware assets. In addition, he developed expertise in hardware reselling (pre-owned systems and parts) and IT asset disposition, as well as government contracts and GSA schedules. Prior to XSi, Rob worked in logistics for UPS and was also a sales executive for Marcom Telecommunications. He earned a B.S. degree from Ohio State University, with an emphasis in Production & Operations Management, from the Max M. Fisher College of Business. Rob resides with his family in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. In his spare time, Rob enjoys golf and fishing.

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